Welcome to SHuRePlan - Strategic Human Resource Planning Consultancy. We specialise in planning for Health and Social Care. Please contact us if you are interested in our consultancy services.

Currently the site has the following main areas:

  • Step guide to workforce planning
  • A guide to workforce planning tools and techniques

These guides build on material developed by Mike Wren, our lead consultant, during seventeen years working for the NHS and Department of Health on strategic workforce issues.

Versions of some of the material, which was developed for the NHS, can also be found at www.healthcareworkforce.org.uk However, the material on the SHuRePlan site has been further developed and updated from the original 'Six Steps'. If you would like to be put on a mailing list to receive information about new material on this site please click on 'Contact Us' at the left of the page and provide your contact details.

This current version of the site is an interim one pending transfer to a new content management system which will offer enhanced facilities and content.